About Us

Our Goals

Anex Imports strives to provide you with the lowest prices while maintaining a quality line of products for you to choose from. We order directly from our manufactures so you pay minimal markup. By offering you the best products, with custom packages and well-thought-out solutions, we will help you to grow your business. Anex makes connections, solves problems, and serves as a partner you can trust. Work with us today! 

Company History

Founded by Joshua An in 1999, GCC was established as an exporting company in Korea. At the time, the company produced unique fashion products for international buyers. As the company began to rapidly expand in 2001, the company’s name was changed from GCC to Anex Imports Ltd., to better represent the new direction the company was headed towards. Offices were moved and established in Edmonton, Alberta, as well as in Yiwu, China to better support the company’s growth at this time.


In 2012, Anex Imports made the decision to partner with Select Gifts, and the company was renamed Anex Select Imports Ltd. The head office in China was moved to Shenzhen and the Edmonton office began to focus more on sales, R&D, and design, while the Select team opened a sales and distribution centre in Richmond BC. 


As of 2023, Anex Import's shareholders made the decision to amicably part ways with Select Gifts, and the company returned to its previous name, Anex Imports Ltd. Operations remain in China and the Edmonton office now takes on both sales and distribution.

Our team is passionate about the future and seeks to provide innovative products to help grow your business. Together, we put a great deal of focus on teamwork, cultivating a company environment of support, and guiding each other to achieve great things! Without the amazing group of people here at Anex, we would not be able to bring you the very best in products and solutions.